How to get a business invitation to Poland?

An invitation (business, work, cultural, guest) is a mandatory document for obtaining certain types of visas. It confirms the purpose of the visit to the country of the Schengen agreement. A foreigner who runs a business in Poland can apply for a visa based on Polish business. In addition to the main set of documents required for obtaining a visa at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland, they must submit documents confirming business activity in Poland, for example, entry into the National Court Register, a notarized partnership agreement, a certificate from the tax inspectorate on the absence of arrears on payment taxes.

Our company will help you get a business invitation to Poland, a Schengen business visa and other documents for a legal stay in Europe.

Business Invitation to Poland

We ask for your careful attention to the process

1. We often receive various requests for a guaranteed visa. Why is a visa not granted to everyone? Why was I denied a visa? These questions should concern you before starting the visa process. Because we advise you to avoid the advice of agents, companies, consultants about a guaranteed result. This immediately creates a false impression in your mind about the process.
2. The process should begin with your analysis of the documents requested by the Embassy. You must ensure that you have the necessary documents and that you comply with the immigration rules.
3. A work permit or an invitation from the university will not be able to solve everything in the visa process. Even the legality of the specified document will not give you a guaranteed result.
Why does this document not help you?
Because the task of the Embassy is not to check the legality of this document. The embassy analyzes ALL the applicant’s documents. A work permit has the same value as a bank statement or a guarantee of your return to the country of citizenship. But applicants avoid the importance of dealing with ALL the paperwork.
4. The immigration process is complex and unpredictable. If you have no idea about your long-term plans, then you need to avoid thinking about immigration. You need to read and find out information about the country where you want to go. You need to know the legislation of this country in the field of migration, employment of foreigners, as well as taxation of this country. Language skill is very important. Most people do not think about these questions.

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