The crisis has led many in recent years to seek out their fortunes in another country, with economic migration growing more and more. But, what are the countries that can offer a better life to an immigrant and his family in general?


The largest and most populous Scandinavian country is at the top of the list, mainly due to its respect for human rights and its outstanding public services. Equality in the wealth and the strong social system in the country also influenced its ranking, while nowadays immigrants to Sweden account for about 10% of the population.


The second largest country has managed to maintain an immigrant-friendly name, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken openly to immigrants and refugees by announcing that «diversity is our strength.» In 2011, about 38% of the populations were immigrants or immigrant children, and if these levels continue, then half of the country’s population will be immigrants by 2036.


This small European force is characterized by low unemployment rates, high incomes and very impressive standard living standards. In the list of the best countries of, Switzerland … finished first, but with regard to the immigration list it is lower because it does not receive the same warmth with the previous two countries. However, thinking of business relocation to Switzerland can be considered as one of the best ideas in case you have a family. This country gives you and your kids the opportunity to live a great life with a great school a d health care system and with work opportunities that are considered better than anywhere else in the world.


Immigrants from non-English speaking countries, mainly from Asia, have created a new multicultural identity in this remote country, a wealthy state and the world’s third least populated country. It is a very popular destination especially for those with qualifications, but its tactic towards refugees has been the subject of controversy in recent years.


With one of the largest and most powerful economies in the world and certainly Europe, this northern country is seen as the place of opportunity for those who migrate. Although Angela Merkel saw a drop in the preference for her when she promised to leave the border open for immigrants, the country’s youth shows a favorable mood towards them. A recent study, in fact, showed that 80% of German millennials hold a positive attitude towards immigration.


Besides being the happiest country in the world, this Scandinavian state has a strong economy and social welfare. According to Statistics Norway, immigrants to the country account for 16.8% of the population, with most of them coming from Poland, Lithuania and Sweden.


Although US President Donald Trub has talked very badly about immigration, mainly from Mexico, even speaking about the construction of a wall, the country remains a popular destination for migrants and currently hosts more than any other country. As an economic superpower, it attracts everyone who goes hunting for their American — or their own — dream.


It is among the best immigration destinations, thanks to its economy, but also the reputation of high levels of tolerance that seems to accompany it.


One of the most northern countries in the world, Finland spends enough money on its public services. Increased immigration has caused intense wailing within the country in recent years, but many still see it as a welcoming destination.